(For Year 2 Students of Associate of Science Programme ONLY)

Online Course/Class Add/Drop/Swap Period

21 January (7:00pm) - 29 January 2015 (6:59pm)

Schedules of Course / Class Exchange with schoolmates:

26 January – 29 January 2015 (2pm – 5pm)

Venue: KEC202, 2/F at Kowloon East Campus or FTC1404, 14/F at Fortress Tower Campus

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Last Updated : 22 January 2015


Please note below announcement for CHEM2441C Organic Chemistry I:
  • There will be NO lab on the first day of school (Jan 19)

  • A Lab Orientation will be held on Jan 26 (Mon) 2:30 - 5:30 pm in Rayson Huang Lecture Theatre

  • Tutorial sessions will be held on every Thursdays from Feb 5 (TBC in class) at 5:30 - 6:20 pm or 6:30 - 7:20 pm in Meng Wah Complex Theatre 4

Please note below announcement for CHEM2241 Analytical Chemistry I:
  • The lab class of CHEM2241 will start from the FIRST teaching week of Semester 2 on Friday, Jan 23 (2:30 pm) at Room 207, Hui Oi Chow Bldg

  • If have already enrolled, or planning to enroll for the course during add/drop period in semester two, please be reminded to attend the lab session on Jan 23 so that you would NOT miss any experiments of the course

  • As you are aware, laboratory classes are mandatory. Students must complete ALL experiments and laboratory reports to in order to pass the course

Please note below announcement for STAT0301/1601
" Elementary Statistical Methods " with effective from 19 January 2015 (Monday)
  • There is a permanent change of venue to RR301, 3/F Run Run Shaw Building for session on Mon, Thu and Fri.

Please note below announcement for STAT2601
" Probability and Statistics I " with effective from 23 January 2015 (Friday)
  • There is a permanent change of venue to LE9 for session on Mon, Wed and LE8 for session on Fri.


  1. Please visit this website regularly for the latest news about the Exercise and/or the course/class information.

  2. Semester 2 teaching in HKU campus will start on 19 January 2015 (Monday) whereas Semester 2 teaching in the College will start on 23 September 2015 (Friday). For details of the HKU courses and their teaching weeks, please refer to the links "Download HKU Teaching Weeks (2014-15)".

  3. For queries regarding the lab arrangement, e.g. starting date, venue, etc., please contact the HKU Science Departments directly:

    DepartmentTelephone No.
    Biochemistry        3917 9489 / 3917 9241
    Biological Sciences2299 0612
    Chemistry2241 5131
    Earth Sciences2859 1084
    Physics2859 2360
    Statistics and Actuarial Science3917 2466

  4. There must be at least a 1.5-hour break between a course taught in HKU campus and the one taught in Kowloon East Campus to allow sufficient time for travelling.

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