(For Year 2 Students of Associate of Science Programme ONLY)

Online Course/Class Add/Drop/Swap Period

3 September (7:00pm) - 18 September 2014 (6:59pm)

Schedules of Course / Class Exchange with schoolmates:

15 September – 18 September 2014 (2pm – 5pm)

Venue: KEC202, 2/F at Kowloon East Campus or FTC1404, 14/F at Fortress Tower Campus

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Last Updated : 08 September 2014




  1. Please visit this website regularly for the latest news about the Exercise and/or the course/class information.

  2. Semester 1 teaching in HKU campus will start on 1 September 2014 (Monday) whereas Semester 1 teaching in the College will start on 12 September 2014 (Friday). For details of the HKU courses and their teaching weeks, please refer to the links "Download HKU Teaching Weeks (2014-15)".

  3. Room information of HKU courses is now available, please click the link "Room information for BSc Courses (First Semester, 2014-15)" for details.

  4. For queries regarding the lab arrangement, e.g. starting date, venue, etc., please contact the HKU Science Departments directly:

    DepartmentTelephone No.
    Biochemistry        3917 9489 / 3917 9241
    Biological Sciences2299 0612
    Chemistry2241 5131
    Earth Sciences2859 1084
    Physics2859 2360
    Statistics and Actuarial Science3917 2466

  5. There must be at least a 1.5-hour break between a course taught in HKU campus and the one taught in Kowloon East Campus to allow sufficient time for travelling.

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