SEMESTER 1, 2015-16

Online Course/Class Add/Drop/Swap Period

[For AD2 students]

11 September (7:00pm) - 17 September 2015 (6:59pm)

[For AD1, DFS and CGS students]
12 September (10:00am) - 17 September 2015 (6:59pm)

Schedules of Course / Class Exchange with Schoolmates:

14-17 September 2015 (2pm - 5pm)
Venue: KEC202, 2/F, Kowloon East Campus / CIT801, CITA Learning Centre

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Last Updated :  16 September 2015


  1. Please visit this website regularly to see the latest course/class add/drop/swap information.

  2. Semester 1 teaching in the College will start on 11 September 2015 (Friday).

  3. For students taking the following courses, please note the tutorial arrangements as announced via the student notice on the Learner Portal:

    - Fundamentals of Classical Mechanics (CCST4014)
    - Introduction to Psychology (CCSS4009)
    - Introduction to Sociology (CCSS4006)
    - Social Sciences Research Methods (CCSS4020)
    - Sociology of Social Problems (CCSS4018)
    - Understanding Social Problems in Hong Kong (CCSS4005)


DFS, CGS & Associate Degree Year 1 (Version 2)

Associate Degree Year 2 (Version 2)

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DFS, CGS & Associate Degree (Version 2)


CGS & Associate Degree (Version 1)

Master Timetable

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